Monday, February 14, 2011

Barbara Moffett (1940)

Barbara Moffett at Hollywood's Florentine Gardens

Barbara Moffett  (1940)

A wolverine fur coat arrives in the mail.
California's Loveliest Showgirl tries it on
with crimson calf-high boots, nothing else.
On the radio, Wendell Wilkie says, No more
idle hands.  We need two million bathtubs,
millions of refrigerators, and no war in Europe.
At Hollywood's Florentine Gardens, Barbara,
ranch born, champion roper at twelve,
peels her jeans, peroxide blonde everywhere
pleasant, and five nights a week she slips
into a glossy, leg-slits, monkey skin dress...
and she strips... orchedaceous.  But next spring,
road money earned, she hopes to win the Saugus Rodeo,
chug a beer, go shirttail to the frisky wind.

Barbara Moffett

This poem will be included in the next Red Shuttleworth poetry chapbook, We Drove All Night, which will be published by Finishing Line Press in August, 2011.

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