Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bisbee, Arizona, 1912

Arizona Rangers, Bisbee, Arizona
(Hayden Arizona Collection
Arizona State University Libraries)

Bisbee, Arizona, 1912

Copper greed, unbalanced heat, and borders:
the shrill 300-pounder calls her breasts
Night Shift Globes, charges three dollars.

Her man's a throat-slitter.  Statehood's here.
The horizon takes a last savage breath
and darkness drapes the Copper Queen Hotel.

Shake your thin shirt off, pioneer,
slam the window shut, a woman says.
A man with hot imbecile-breath moans.

Geronimo is dead at Fort Sill, Oklahoma,
the Apache mountains are gouged.
Our demons keep impersonating us.

What a hoot, a hotel geezer says
to some god's flaming moon.

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