Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marilyn Monroe (1960)

Marilyn Monroe  (1960)

     - for Kirk Robertson

I don't have to wear a halo all the time.
She drooled like any chloral addict.
Waking up in her Mapes Hotel room's shower,
Marilyn asked for a steak sandwich,
skip the mayo.  A make-up girl offered
to find her a Paiute coyote fetish.
The gravediggers are waiting, Marilyn snapped.
Huston or Miller?  She brushed her bone-blonde
dry-as-the-Great-Basin hair, concealed it
with a smoke-blue, flat brim Stetson,
announced that her ass was sore
from the pick-up truck in The Misfits.
She winked at Gable, I used to remember
all my lines when I was an angel.

This poem is reprinted from a Red Shuttleworth chapbook, Brief Lives.  This poem is also included in Red Shuttleworth's Ghosts & Birthdays (published by Kris Wetherholt's Humanitas Media Publishing and available on Amazon).

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