Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Dirt Roads... Nevada

Three Dirt Roads... Nevada

Face-ripping autumn wind
& a gooey Safeway cake
at an upbeat motel-by-the-week.

Chained dog yowl,
nickel goddamned candy
& Bible-chat radio.

This ain't love,
she screams, I just
loaned myself to you.

     * * *

Bed spring clang
& a yellow pleated skirt
atop a blue, fake leather vest.

Her shampooed hair,
a gone-shallow creek,
& aquamarine telephone poles.

Microwave soup cups
& she's like Death Valley,
face raspberry-red with rage.

     * * *

I'd give anything
if you'd stop lying to me.
Her request is unreasonable.

Marshmallow-white kitchen sink
& her voice real nice from surgery
or two packs of cigs a day.

Furnished room north of Vegas
& her Hollywood saline sack breasts:
Boy, I'm seeing new people.

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