Friday, June 3, 2011

Huron Ted Walters (1938)

Huron Ted Walters  (1938)

I never said I was some trigger-quick,
matchless Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, or Dillinger.
You got to go a caliber extra in the crime shindig
to be Clyde Barrow or Miss Bonnie Parker,
but I pitched pennies with them.  I have a talent
for stealing hens and eggs, for driving Cadillacs,
and once rode steers at rodeos
as far north as Burwell, Nebraska.
I'm a common, decent Texas boy, though my looks
are swank enough for Hollywood, wild sure,
but until I met Clyde, my most daring adventure
was running around on Halloween, tipping outhouses.
I'm in the Dallas jail thanks to Mr. Hoover making me
Public Enemy Number One, your essential R.C. Cola thief.

This poem is included in a Red Shuttleworth poetry chapbook, Brief Lives.

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