Monday, June 13, 2011

Wherever Old Magazines Remain

Wherever Old Magazines Remain

The harps of heaven are disgusting,
declaims Jane Austin who has just waltzed
Billy the Kid.  And her sublime body
harmonizes with his... however unlikely.

At nineteen Casey Tibbs is on the cover
of Life, but who the hell remembers
in these dumpster-years filled
with computers, populated
with soft-handed men
lashed to grey cubicles?

Lovers kiss on the hatch
into Sylvia Plath's grave...
recite haloed poems
they rhetorically give
their lives to... and Caligula
strokes his thin beard,
turns a brittle sheep-flesh page
as little girls and boys
feed him seedless grapes.

And Billy the Kid wipes
off his gone-soft dick
with a Progress is Our
Most Important Product ad...
and Marilyn, sweet Marilyn
giggles to Joe DiMaggio,
promises she will learn to cook.

And I piss off my front porch,
speak to little darlin' about how
the kids are on down the road
forever-for-now... and we have
so much to catch up with.

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