Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Met Someone Who Knows You

I Met Someone Who Knows You

Four days of driving.  Just to be gone.
Rockabilly road signs with bullet holes.

Or: a fifties movie about a gunfighter with a tired voice.
Price on his head.  Clouds.  Blood.  Dead trees.

Small town south of I-90: platinum-blond waitress in pink jeans
says, I met someone who knows you.
Yeah... and barb wire headlights.

Blood-eyed TV preacher can't admit it's all distant
thunder and goodbyes.  Spike-haired barmaid wants to know
right away if you'll sleep with her.  Can of Copenhagen to go.

Starbuck... Dodge... Dusty... Lacrosse...Hooper... Starbuck:
a Snake River loop.  Flesh-eating black & white cattle,
swaying dehydrated roadside coyote, distant thick-white smoke.

Dry heat 100.  Yellow potato chip sunrise.  The evening sun screams:
thick fields of green corn for gas tanks... a world of starvation.


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