Thursday, September 22, 2011

Have It All?

Have It All?

The slow-yesterdays town nurse's married lover
shoots himself in the chest, drops the .38 pistol
on a flesh-colored meditation cushion.
Death comes in blood-red pools an hour later.

And how wonderful to thrash in the local
greenish swimming pool, to stand in the shallow end
and howl, yip, and bark like an April coyote.
The trouble with plans is they leave the mind divided.

The plenty-roadkill black highway circling town
covers millions of napping mud-marrow buffalo.
They'll come back, come back, come back....
And the young, blaze-eyed priest muffles a scream.

The part time county sheriff drives slowly through
every day at three... as if the coffin-wood school
still has students, as if a tornado is approaching
and he can flip on blue and red lights... and siren.

At supper time the nurse believes she is catching
a cold.  The empty clinic's water fountain mysteriously
has an oval butterscotch candy in its bright metal bowl.
Her breath is short.  The candy turns crimson in water.

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