Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Side Bets and Side Wishes

Side Bets and Side Wishes

Embrace and groan: your face glows...
your pleasure-crazed
arctic-blue eyes glisten.

Your body wraps itself in silk.

The desert reddens at sunset.


That rockchuck sure got highway-flattened, eh?

Take a deep breath as you look at the landscape.

Swirling dust... black clouds rolling eastward.
Yes, near-like clots of dried mud in a dark stable.


And what does a recurring dream
about a city made of shiny green apples mean?
I think that's why I'm so drawn to you, baby.

We could sit side by side and read more Italo Calvino.

And, baby, drink some water...
no one coughs from autumn maple leaves.
No... I'm no kind of doctor, but does that
curved crystal glass bowl remind you of us?


Sometimes when we touch I feel underfoot.


Do you remember how old people,
people who were old when we were young,
how they used salt and baking soda
to scrub their teeth... real ones and dentures?

That question is such a bailey.

No it's not.  What's a bailey?

The outer wall of a castle.
So what is it you're not saying?


Yes, baby, you still have sturdy inner thighs.

A silver stain appears to spread
on the peach-colored sheet.
Pine bed, thick brownish quilts.
Shabby, cabin-like house.

So it is that we tuck into each other.

It feels so clean to sleep beside you.

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