Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Notes Toward a Country Song

Notes Toward a Country Song

          ... Sometimes...
               - Holly Williams

The town has a scatter bomb factory
at its fringe.  Baby says, We all go delinquent
sooner or later.  Her peasant blouse
is off cream-brown shoulders,
at her narrow waist, draped over a tartan
pleated skirt.  Oh, shining hours of thunder,
horses, and orange candle flame.
There's a Janis Joplin poster,
hard-bound poetry books from the seventies,
and baby loves the steel guitar.
There's a slice of blueberry pie
on a Styrofoam plate... and a county
sheriff's siren screams from the honky tonk
edge of town.  Baby's surgically perfect
breasts, firm and uplifted, are firmer
than any genetic luck could've built them.
Baby adds, No matter what we do,
we're always speeding toward
days we're unrehearsed for.

This poem first appeared in Concho River Review (Jerry Bradley, poetry editor).  This poem subsquently was included in Red Shuttleworth's 2011 chapbook, We Drove All Night, published by Finishing Line Press.  The chapbook may be ordered from the Finishing Line Press... or obtained from Amazon.

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