Tuesday, November 15, 2011

They Say the Lonesome Road

Red Shuttleworth east of Ely,,, 1999

They Say the Lonesome Road

A knife awkwardly dropped to a saloon floor....

Evening... the race for a matching pair of firm breasts....

The pinch-face clerk says, Drive safe....

The bet: the devil's memory is dim.

Just a money job, the wheaten-haired pole dance grimaces.

Heartless... granite-hard goodbye kisses....

A six-foot wooden coat ain't all that cheap.

The school marms, both genders, look exactly
like they'll look in thirty years... bowel constricted.

Reasons for barreling-out include backyards with clotheslines.

Eventually, it's true: diamond lights, no gold rings...
only back-bent old men with rough-carved canes.

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