Friday, December 23, 2011

Flat Screen Midnight... Next-Best

Flat Screen Midnight... Next-Best

Ghosts in pinstripes are cleaning pine tar off
thick-handled baseball bats with cognac-soaked rags.

A drunk cowboy who looks like Paul Newman
drunk-drives a pink Cadillac into a black & white field.

Wooden smile, the protagonist is green, has a crew cut.
The ingenue remarks that her cigarette tobacco is stale.

The ingenue is tied to a Roman pillar with scarves.
Her clothes are missing and she is sweat-polished.

Earlier today you received an email containing a piss-drizzle
poem expressing the hope that you are in the care of the Lord.

When the stolen Corvette's trunk pops open, the ingenue
sees, in her rear view mirror, counterfeit twenties blow away.

A posse is riding bullet-scarred horses on a sun-shriveled
hard land... high red grass... a bank desperado with a withering stare.

On the next channel, Warren Oates is the film's deuteragonist.
As usual, you growl at the dog, He should a had the lead role!

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