Friday, March 9, 2012

Pocket Full of Quarters

Pocket Full of Quarters

That tinny sound is coming from the clouds.
Yes, indeed, Whose idea was it to install fluorescent lights?

The first sign of  a crack-up is usually a compulsion
to order aqual tiles for the bathroom... bourbon for the hound.

Supper at the basketball coach's house consisted of,
after his wife left him, boiled plastic bags of hobo stew.

It was much better that year after I began parking
the 1976 emerald-green Ford Elite behind saloons.

It's pretty good advice: Don't trust everything you're told
over the phone, especially if a distant relative has a plan.

About that time we noticed that chain stores were getting eaten
by Walmart and that Walmart built ugly on perfectly beautiful pastures.

That musty in-store Walmart smell comes from the many
dried-sweat folds of fat belly skin that fat girls love to expose. 

So it was that we stood out in a thunderstorm, palms up,
grinning over our modest luck: our best mirrors were shattered. 

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