Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny: Audience as Reflex of Image

Easter Bunny: Audience as Reflex of Image

It is rumored that guns were pointed,
but no one shot the Easter Bunny.

There was talk of fact filled tooth decay.

A girl sporting blue spray-painted
Styrofoam beads goosed him as she ran past.

So many of us are beckoning trauma.

I declined when asked if I would pose for a snapshot
next to the Easter Bunny in my white Stetson.

The bunny was stingy with chocolates.

Easter Bunny suits are not cheap.
The work pays minimum wage.

It is customary to honk car horns at the bunny.

My girlfriend remembers frying sweet & sour
cottontail... and rabbit with Hamburger Helper.

Imagine a cloth bunny head super-glued to your head.

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