Monday, April 9, 2012

More... Your Gunslinger Shadow Grows Amber

More... Your Gunslinger Shadow Grows Amber

To observe (absorb?)
the enduring dead...

(Mysterious Dave Mather
dead and wormy
in an Oakland flophouse
suggests the late work
of a civilized West...
and no mystery
beyond a need-of-cleaning
pistol mentioned
in the will) must allow
yourself to be
a lone figure
like concrete
pressing down--
breaking your
interior ceiling.

All that aged,
falling in chunks from heaven.

Bat Masterson
yet approaches his squarish
New York City journalist form.
Steak-clogged arteries.

These are primary
Old West
and walking pantomime.
What a goddamned trick:
levitation with the dead.

          -To the Memory of Ed Dorn

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