Saturday, March 9, 2013

Today the Sky

Today the Sky

has less breath to share.
Iron + oxygen = an old man
jogging, running laps
around an imaginary farmhouse.

It is time to knock down
the older stucco walls
in my spirit house...
time for waterfalls,

scarcely sun-warmed.
We have seen these falls
in travel posters and flickering
bad-color TV travel shows.

The old stucco walls
are drive-in movie screens.
Our life stories are condensed:
venison rye bread sandwiches.

Today the sky is a luxury,
even the gunpowder-dark clouds
momentarily hiding pure angel-blue.
I want to use the word Precious...

and claim that I have fallen in love
with being alive for the second
or third time.  But this impulse
will soon be spilled milk.

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