Saturday, September 21, 2013

Peaches Has Arrived in her New Home with Red Shuttleworth

Peaches Shuttleworth
( enroute September 20, 2013 

Peaches Shuttleworth, born July 8th, enjoyed her first night (sleeping on her living room bed with Red camped out on a couch) at home and this morning is frisky.  Yesterday included nine grueling hours in her brother Luke's Camaro... hours and hours across Oregon with only a few brief rest stops.  Although she misses her true mom (Molly) and dad (Oiseen) and littermates, she is determined to make the most of her new life, as a writing hound, with Red Shuttleworth.

Peaches picked up a couple of fleas in Oregon... goddamned MFA national professoriate already bugging her.

Peaches will be working, for the next month or so, on a book version of Red's play High Plains Fandango (which will be published late this year by Humanitas Media Publishing).  She will proudly continue the work of Wolfie Shuttleworth... her great grand uncle Irish Wolfhound.

More dispatches about (and soon by) Peaches Shuttleworth

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