Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Shrub... a Shelter Tree

A Shrub... a Shelter Tree

If you spill milk on a hardwood floor,
you might see the outline
of honey mesquite in bloom.
If fever has overgrazed your mind....

You are in southern Nevada.
A sign says, Mesquite.
A sign for glasswork,
another for silver jewelry,
another for songbirds,
many signs for tortillas.
You sleep on hot stone.
You are a shrub... a shelter tree.

It is Christmas on the desert.
Someone is ringing a church bell.
You are curled on a hard wood pallet
set against a whitewashed wall.

Hours pass: wooden wheels
creak and grind past your body.
You are chewing aspirin
that is not orange flavored.
Someone has painted the wall
beside you: night-blue...midnight-sky.

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