Monday, July 7, 2014

More Miles... Roadwork... Many More Miles!

More Miles... Roadwork... Many More Miles!

Peaches Shuttleworth
(Irish Wolfhound... Poetry Wolfhound... First Birthday)
Red Shuttleworth

Peaches Shuttleworth's One-Year Vital Stats:
     Height: 33 1/2 inches at her shoulders
     Weight: 130 pounds
     Official Birthday: July 8th.

Favorite Poetry Books Gnawed-Through:
     Seamus Heaney, Door into the Dark
     W.B. Yeats, The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats

Favorite Collection Short Fiction:
     James Joyce, Dubliners

Favorite Novel:
     Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian

Favorite Novella:
     Samuel Beckett, Company

Favorite Play:
     John B. Keane, The Field

Favorite Autobiographies:
     Brendan Behan, Borstal Boy
     Sean O'Casey, Drums Under the Windows
     Peadar O'Donnell, The Gates Flew Open

Peaches Shuttleworth:
Portrait of a Young Irish Wolfhound
as a Literary Consultant and Personal Fitness Coach

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