Saturday, August 9, 2014

Anna Serge Odnovalenko Napoli

Anna Serge Odnovalenko Napoli
(Amsterdam, September 28, 1974)

Anna Serge Odnovalenko Napoli

The boat gently rocks in calm canal water.
Mrs. Napoli, over-scented with Chanel #5,
closes a James Beard cookbook,
I quit cigarettes cold-turkey at age sixty...
yet lung cancer hit and killed at eighty-three.

It is a cold, showery Amsterdam day.
It's not only what you do or say.
It's also who you know... what you own...
birth heritage... and I am of Russian nobility.
I knew Arthur and Marilyn... in Connecticut.
I knew David Bourdon and Andy Warhol,
knew everyone at Time Inc. and at Conde Nast,
knew Norman Mailer, Jimmy Baldwin....
I owned a boutique hotel in Brighton,
the house in Marseilles, Gallery Esme
in Manhattan, had a table at Elaine's. 

Rain starts to whip across the canal.
My love, singular, was my first husband,
a flier shot down in '43 over the Pacific.
At least my afterlife is not constipated
with ex husbands going broke or to jail.

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