Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marcus Claudius "Gothicus Maximus" Tacitus

Marcus Claudius "Gothicus Maximus" Tacitus
Emperor 275-276 A.D.

Marcus Claudius Gothicus Maximus Tacitus

When the wind is up, wandering, often lost
(I-miss-you-California) backpackers,
near the golden mountains of Cappadocia,
hear the fever-raves (sepsis) of Tacitus,
rants against succubi in gaudy silks,
spectres from fairy chimneys in the rocks.

Fictive descendant of Tacitus, the historian,
he war-dances with sword in darkness
against the absence of Caligula's moon tonight.

There in Tyana, now called Kemerhisar,
Tacitus stumbles into random homes,
I am Teacher... God of the long view,
Deified in all Divine Depth....
Learn: the whole, light and shade,
 is but scrawl, a doodle on calf hide.

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