Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan

Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan

Mary Louise Cecilia Texas Guinan

Howdy, suckers!  Yeah, it's me, the renowned,
Texas Guinan, Born-in-Waco, Silver Screen Cowgirl!
Lights slow-rise on a speakeasy, mirror, long bar,
velvet-top tables.... Texas Guinan, parts her mink coat,
tosses away a huge white Stetson, shows-off,
Never gonna be somebody's nice, sweet ol' lady.

You see my picture shows? "Girl of the Rancho" 
or "Two Gun Girl"? She hold up showgirl breasts,
drawls, Next round's on me or your name ain't Fred.

Preachers preached against me... stool-pigeons
with hate-filled prayers. I made millions...
Prohibition saloons... gave near-all to the poor.
It was raging amoeba-shits that killed me...
in Vancouver, Canada... so far from the Red River.

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