Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wells, Nevada, in Collective Memory

Wells, Nevada, in Collective Memory
(A crayon sketch by Red Shuttleworth)

Wells, Nevada, in Collective Memory

AC dying in the car, you drag into town.
Earthquake: saloons and deadfall motels
flaked and crumbled like desert-dry coyote bones.

The dustiest, cheapest-ever Best Western motel,
the Sage, is empty, a cavity not quite drilled-out...
no gold filling... abandoned for a decade or more.

You think to kick-in a door for a noon nap.
Up Sixth Street, you buy a juicy cheeseburger
at Luther's, wash it down with an iced Coors.

You shamble Wells, historic district demo'd,
wonder if you'd be happy on a rocky hill
overlooking so much fibbed or fabled loss.

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