Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Poetry Collection... University at Buffalo...

The Poetry Collection


University at Buffalo Libraries

Thanks to Dr. Michael Basinski, Curator of The Poetry Collection at University at Buffalo's University Libraries, thanks to his kindness, almost all of Red Shuttleworth's poetry chapbooks and books finally have a home.

The Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo is the largest, most complete repository of modern poetry in the English language, containing well over 100,000 volumes.  The Collection also houses recordings, magazines, broadsheets, notebooks, photographs... and the James Joyce Archive.

Dr. Michael Basinski
The Poetry Collection, University Libraries
University at Buffalo

Red Shuttleworth is quite pleased to have most of his books and chapbooks catalogued... available at The Poetry Collection, including decades-old chapbooks.

Red Shuttleworth's Western Movie,
published decades ago
by Knute Skinner's Signpost Press,
is available at The Poetry Collection,
University at Buffalo.

Red Shuttleworth's Western Settings,
published in 2000
by University of Nevada Press,
winner of the first Spur Award for Poetry (2001),
is available at The Poetry Collection,
University at Buffalo.

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