Monday, February 9, 2015

BARRELS IN BABYLON: A Performance Piece, A Red Shuttleworth Chapbook

Horse, Horse Shadow, Fence
(a painting by Mary Ann Bonjorni)

Barrels in Babylon

a performance piece for Mary Ann Bonjorni


Red Shuttleworth

Barrels in Babylon was written, in August of 1991 in Las Vegas by Red Shuttleworth, at the prompting of artist/barrel racer Mary Ann Bonjorni. 

How much of Barrels in Babylon worked as-written is anybody's guess.  It was performed by Mary Ann Bonjorni (with Red Shuttleworth) on August 31, 1991, in an arena at the S&S Horse Ranch north of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Several hundred people... Mary Ann Bonjorni's friends, admirers, fans, and art groupies, filled the arena bleachers.  There was a lot of bourbon to drink.

Barrels in Babylon was published in 1992 by Clockwatch Review (A Journal of the Arts), edited by James Plath at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Barrels in Babylon, by Red Shuttleworth is now presented, with a few slight revisions, as a Bunchgrass Press limited edition chapbook:

Those interested in requesting a copy of Barrels in Babylon should correspond with Red Shuttleworth.

Red Shuttleworth and Mary Ann Bonjorni
(August 31, 1991)

Clockwatch Review (1992)

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