Thursday, March 5, 2015

What Can We Make of This?

What Can We Make of This?

Plastic pouch of dried, sugary blueberrries
to help keep off Copenhagen-with-bourbon,
the Wolfhound happily back seat grinning
from an open window, you slow drive...
watch neighbors disc thawing fields.

No effect in wrestling with CNN news:
ISIS tosses Gays off Syrian roofs,
New York/London fashion week
and leather accessories,  a Delta jet
skids off a snowy New York runway.
The jasmine scent of a certain Delta
stewardess comes sweet-memory back...
grace and poignancy of a motel bar drink.

Early March on a lonesome sage steppe...
mourning doves in non-native evergreens,
fifty degree afternoons for baseball,
contrails of Navy fighters thundering
from Whidbey to Mountain Home.

Half a small Milk Bone at every stop,
a mile walk every hour and a half.
A young Wolfhound and an old man
ride-out a swaybacked sunny morning,

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