Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Collapse of Stacked-Up Details

Collapse of Stacked-Up Details

You dream rattlers...
drinking caffeine-rich soda pop
from your dog's stainless steel supper bowl.

Dry grass... wildfire-weeks...
you quick-buy a nebulizer.

The Wolfhound wants to sit
for a strip of  old-style photo booth portraits...
wants you to plunk the last car-change
quarters into some chewing-gummed slot.

A best friend drops into a diabetic blackout
while driving home with Chinese take-out,
crashes into a parked dildo-Lexus... totals it.
Not much later comes the small stroke...
loss of vision in the left eye...
the one that best saw a ninety-plus
baseball coming 60-feet from the bump.

Blue haze... mourning doves
forever in nonlinear time and space...
wildfire smoke and bird-screech.

Age seventy's residue....
You're just another dust devil.

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