Thursday, August 27, 2015

Woe to the Land Shadowing

Woe to the Land Shadowing

Less evening wildfire smoke from the north...

and you step into the path of a black car,
no headlights, ten minutes past sundown.

You're listening to the laughter
of twenty-five years ago:
loopy-drunk rodeo girls in striped shirts
unsnapped to black-ribbon turquoise bras.

You're following a center pivot's
far nozzle over late August alfalfa...
shower of glacier-cold ancient water.

You're not yourself... a voice inside
a dust-clogged old fashioned telephone
on a filling station wall... you're not yourself.

A no-headlights black car blares
a horn... brushes past on blacktop.
You're alive... post-rumble upright,
whiff of gasoline... baled alfalfa.

Woe to the Land Shadowing is the title poem of Red Shuttleworth's late 2015 collection of poems about the recent Washington State fire season.

Woe to the Land Shadowing, a collection of poems by Red Shuttleworth is available on Amazon.

Red Shuttleworth
(photo by Ciara Shuttleworth)

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