Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tall Corn, Blue Roses, Rusted Kids' Swing

Tall Corn, Blue Roses, Rusted Kids' Swing

Orange harvest-month candle
in a store window... a screw-up
former bank clerk selling bike chains,
used motel soap bars, old screen doors:
you drive through town, at the limit.

A box of black & white negatives,
loose postcards from Copenhagen,
North Platte, an Elko whorehouse,
dusty-drops from a closet shelf.

Strangers with slices of blood-cake...
Against sleep, you begin to write
a snakebite, no anti-venom available,
one-act play: it's someone's birthday.
A shortage of prom queen pedestals....

You daydream yourself an airport
beside a leafy river... locust thorn trees.
You stroll a farm sale: old implements,
bulge-eyed children hacking thistle....

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