Monday, August 1, 2016

Hawk Season Notebook #112

Old Stone House, Collapsed, 
Arranmore Island, County Donegal, Ireland, 1969
(photo by Red Shuttleworth)

Hawk Season Notebook #112
Silver Frame

Clang-echo on stone... a church bell... rubble of an ancient Irish village facing the Atlantic. The cry of a black-capped tern. You are writing a shadow-gaze poem in a large gray notebook. A girl with brown braids bicycles to you from the Youth Hostel. You unfold wax paper from around a pork sausage sandwich. The girl, like you, is a stranger. You have not told her that you will soon catch a boat... hike-on... without her.  She kisses your neck, speaks of home... rosy-sunset Norwegian fields. It is August. You are rolling happy in youth. You and the girl sit beside each other, take turns reading aloud Peadar O'Donnell. Wind gust... Gaelic famine-cry of those who ate grass.


  1. A quality post. Poetry, reminiscence and made all the more delightful by the atmospheric photo. Great stuff, Red.