Friday, September 2, 2016

Hawk Season Notebook # 260

Hawk Season Notebook #260

A slumber party house on Mount Davidson... healthy-glow parochial school girls... a 1962 pillow fight. SK laughs: fireplace marshmallows, a raid on her parents' gin, girls in nighties, leaps from upholstered chair to sofa, You should a seen us. You envision it.... Lovely SK. Presentation High School volleyball star. Tanned. Long chestnut hair. Cherry-flavor lipstick. You and SK watch an Italian film at the Surf Theater, walk the sea wall, hold hands, watch seals at the beach across from Playland and its convex funhouse mirrors. She says she will soon date an older guy... with a car. You shrug. SK tightens her grip on your hand. The seals are fog-shrouded... gruesome-passive. Then her kisses... Sunday comic strip passion.

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  1. The seals are fog shrouded - Perfect counter image.