Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hawk Season Notebook # 261

Hawk Season Notebook #261

Play or Film. A boomerang love affair... pathos... cheese wedges and three a.m. wine. Homemade Valentine's Day cards, silver foil horses, It's a Girl bubblegum cigars. She slams the door, phones a best friend. He punches holes in a salmon-pink bedroom wall. Weeks pass like ten screenings of Stealing Beauty. Years pass into the quiet of baking cupcakes for a school sale. He cashes in a dusty, inherited from an uncle with dementia, collection of South American shrunken heads. She opens an artsy small town 2nd hand children's clothing storefront. They buy five acres on high desert, set-up a used double-wide trailer... become wary of rattlesnakes, get used to being on some crop duster to-and-from route. For the children's grade-promotion and graduation backyard picnics, boomerang-shaped goat burgers are barbecued, served on sour dough rolls. The adults sidle-off from the kids, stand and smoke at a barb wire fence, stare-stoned at bunch grass, sagebrush, and enormous rocks left behind by an ancient glacier. 

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