Friday, September 9, 2016

Hawk Season Notebook #280

Red Shuttleworth

Hawk Season Notebook #280

Fun-house 1962 Saturday evening with CM... the bus ride from Playland at the Beach back to her parents' house, the way she said, Think of me as a version of Today... just before she took off a sweater and then her sundress and kissed you. Her mom and dad were up in Calistoga.  CM played a Gogi Grant 45, The Wayward Wind. The bookcases were jammed with medical textbooks. Her parents liked Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. An uncle was a parish priest in San Jose or Cupertino. That she spoke of Mass the next day and kept her bra and panties on suggested a religious message. It was November... rainy outside. When the heater came on, there was a swampy odor... as if gym socks were drying over a vent. CM asked if you were afraid of roller coasters. You finished the white bread mayonnaise sandwich she made for  you, washed it down with a can of Oly... as if points could be scored. 

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