Monday, December 5, 2016

Moses Lake, WA Post Office: Malfunctioning Mess

The Moses Lake Post Office

is a Malfunctioning Mess

A gross amount of mail, Priority Mail, that originates in Moses Lake, is lost "In Transit," and no postal worker at the Moses Lake is of any use in locating where a piece of mail might be stalled... even when presented with a tracking number.

Other pieces of mail are returned to sender with the standard yellow sticker... undelivered because a postal worker or machine or robot is illiterate:
 A letter sent to British poet Jonathan Chant from Moses Lake, Washington, never made it past Salt Lake City (where the return sticker was affixed), because "United Kingdom" was misread as Utah, because "Hampshire" was misconstrued to New Hampshire.  This sort of failure-to-deliver, this return-to-sender (with yellow NIXIE sticker) without good cause, is now epidemic within the Postal Service.

The angry-clown postmaster in Moses Lake is despised by front clerks, because he offers no help, no guidance, no leadership, not even words of kindness.

The postmaster in Moses Lake, Washington, a brusque, incompetent, rude-to-customers, unpleasant man, is the subject of laughter from Moses Lake postal clerks if a customer remarks that the postmaster has soiled, soiled like a rockchuck defecating in a stack of hay bales, has SOILED every place he was busied himself.

More to the present point: I mailed a Priority Mail envelope (with a book proof and a 40-year-old valuable poetry chapbook) on November 29, 2016, mailed it to my publisher in Redondo Beach, California.  Although Priority Mail is touted by USPS as "Three Day" mail, my postal receipt predicted delivery in four days...
... but six days passed without delivery.

As for tracking, it relies with the ambiguous phrase: In Transit.

Update:  My Priority Mail envelope, seven days into its journey, was... delivered:

The United States Postal Service is a malfunctioning mess.  Among the worst Post Offices in the nation is the Moses Lake Post Office, administered by an incompetent, a boor, a lazy-brained goofball who should be incarcerated in a federal home for the imbecilic.

If your local Post Office is problematic, phone your Congressman or United States Senators.

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