Sunday, April 23, 2017

Notebook Crackles: 4

Notebook Crackles: 4

Havre Best Western: slightly parted lips,
gaudy-gold strapless dress, a fifty-or-so brunette
lurches in heels, glitters across the motel lobby.
Fragrance of abandoned straw bale gardening.

Evening check-in: free cookie, digital room clock,
Chinese take-out down the street, anti-inflammatory
meds for the stove-ups,  cheap pillow-top mints....
Aging sky... a grumblin' thunderstorm outside.  

Motel bar: a gaggle of fly-specked
commercial realtors, lip-biters in golfer pastels, 
cell phones 'n chuckles, peel bottle labels,
stare at a Braves-on-mute TV game.

Tongue-stud barmaid scans you, Nice better-days
snap shirt, cowboy.  She pours a free whiskey ditch,
says she made a wood table from three farmyard gates.
says, Eyes the road, not them small roadside crosses.

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