Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Notebook Crackles: 6

Dust Storm, Nye County, Nevada, March 1940
(Photo by Arthur Rothstein)

Notebook Crackles: 6

So many caught under the moon's heel...
cans of condensed milk, 1950's 
voices of creek stone for memory,
easy-crack old hips 'n ribs....

For company, the rustle of moonlight vines
outside a small fallen-to-ruin brick hotel.
The hands and feet tingle,
the mirror has grown a white-bristled face,
and for thirst there's a stainless steel
pail half full of cloudy lavatory sink-water.

For sleep: a bygone cowboy's
ripped quilt, blood-spotted single bed.
For dreams: the sorry-soil farms
where parents shallow-buried firstborn.

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