Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Notebook Crackles: 9

Notebook Crackles: 9

Way back then: awake after dream-memory...
strapped to a thin mattress on a cold steel gurney.
You're sixteen and the girl is sixteen and she says
it's just a dream... and, anyway, you're saving up
to get sloppy drunk on real good bourbon.

Newspaper headline on cold fusion... 
and your girl is making crimson paper flowers,
but it's decades later and in Reno at the Siena Hotel...
hungover with a plate of brittle bacon 'n pancakes.

High school counselor used to ask, What's gonna 
become of you... when baseball's dead 'n gone?
I'm rollin' down to Reno, find me a room
in a hotplate motel, pick a favorite bench...
daydream a poem... right beside the Truckee.

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