Monday, January 1, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg: Swine of the Decade

Mark Zuckerberg

Swine of the Decade

Lover of Russian Money

* For a few dollars more, Facebook, led by Mark Zuckerberg, sold ads to Russia's security/intelligence agencies.  Caught red-handed warping and twisting American democracy, Zuckerberg and his tools claimed they were fooled by the Russians.  Not true
Zuckerberg should be indicted for conspiring
with the Russians to foul the 2016 election.

* When the United States Congress, the House of Representatives, asked for answers about Facebook and the Russians, Mark Zuckerberg, a coward, hid behind lawyers.  When he finally appeared, sitting on a booster cushion, as if the little man could be uplifted, he lied and lied and lied... and weakly apologized... and lied some more.  Users of Facebook do not control their data.

 Mark "Booster Cushion Boy" Zuckerberg

The Zuckerberg Cushion 

* Facebook is a communications company and ought to be regulated by Congress.

* Facebook is a for-profit company and should pay fair taxes. Zuckerberg should be audited by the Internal Revenue Service.  The Department of Justice should prosecute Mark Zuckerberg for tax evasion.

* Apparently those closest to Mark Zuckerberg, like his neighbors, despise him for his thoughtlessness, his arrogance, his selfishness.
His Hawaiian neighbors have been angered by the wall Zuckerberg built around his absurd home.  In Palo Alto, California, Zuckerberg allegedly destroyed a neighborhood by buying and bulldozing four homes just to get himself even more insulation.  

* Given that the Facebook news feed is now blotched with ads for "Suggested...." with videos that are criminally inane, it is clear that Mark Zuckerberg is the kind of asshole who loves to fart with dramatic volume because he thinks he is funny or clever.

* You can bet that Mark Zuckerberg has foul breath... something like burnt aluminum-butterscotch.

*  One man, a San Francisco accountant, has reportedly been jailed for nearly a year for yelling at billionaire-bully Mark Zuckerberg's thuggish bodyguards.  Neighbors in three places apparently find Mark Zuckerberg to be foul... a pig.

*  Hardly a month goes by that Mark Zuckerberg and/or his Facebook toadies find new ways to clutter the news feed with ads and social engineering.

* Mark Zuckerberg is the sort of neighborhood creep who shows up uninvited at parties, who paws family albums, who wanks in closets.

*  The same Mark Zuckerberg who sold out a presidential election, who did it for Russian rubles, is the same Mark Zuckerberg who is now promoting a site for the most dangerous dogs in America, Pit Bulls:
Does Mark Zuckerberg sit at home watching videos of Pit Bulls gnawing on human rib cages, of Pit Bulls mauling children, or Pit Bulls ripping forearms off elderly women?  My guess is that is precisely what Creepy Mark Zuckerberg does... and wanks and wanks and wanks as blood sprays.  Surely it's not just about more ad money... surely?

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