Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paul Zarzyski and Red Shuttleworth Celebrate Their 2011 Spur Awards

 Paul Zarzyski (winner of a 2011 Spur Award for Western Song)
and Red Shuttleworth (2011 SpurAward for Poetry)
Celebrate with Lash and Pecos
Near Great Falls, Montana

 Paul Zarzyski and Red Shuttleworth
Drink with "Mr. Mink"

 Paul Zarzyski and Red Shuttleworth
Celebrate Receiving Spur Awards
from Western Writers of America.
Zeke Zarzyski is Worn Out

Red Shuttleworth and Paul Zarzyski
(holding their 2011 Spur Awards)
with Zeke Zarzyski...
Ready to Rock 'n' Rowel

* The photographs were snapped by Elizabeth Dear. 
(West of Great Falls, Montana)

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