Sunday, November 6, 2016

ON A SUNDAY NIGHT BEFORE AN ELECTION, A Red Shuttleworth Poetry Chapbook

On a Sunday Night
Before an Election

a one-poem chapbook by

Red Shuttleworth

On a Sunday Night Before an Election is a Red Shuttleworth one-poem chapbook presented by Bunchgrass Press in a limited edition of 32 copies.  The poem is from Red Shuttleworth's in-progress, late-year project, Gold Rock Notebook.

This chapbook poem gives attention to Red Shuttleworth's maternal grandfather, Serge Moiseevich Odnovalenko (1901-1992). 

Odnovalenko (or Valenko as he named himself in America) was predisposed to abrupt violence.  Other Russian immigrants in San Francisco (1923-1975) feared him, gave him a wide berth.  His first wife called him, without affection, "Tatar," "Cossack," and "Mongol."  He ate salted steak and eggs for breakfast every morning, drank a bottle of booze daily, and lived to be at least ninety-one.

   Serge Odnovalenko, 1930's

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