Saturday, November 15, 2014

T-BONE GRISTLE FROM HANK WILLIAMS' PLATE: A One-Poem Red Shuttleworth Chapbook

T-Bone Gristle
Hank Williams' Plate

Red Shuttleworth

Originally entitled Crumbs from Hank Williams' Plate, drastically revised from the version posted on this blog on July 6, 2011, Red Shuttleworth's T-Bone Gristle from Hank Williams' Plate is a Bunchgrass Press limited edition chapbook.

Blog Bonus
Archive Photograph:

Red Shuttleworth, Luke Shuttleworth, J.V. Brummels

(Photo from the cover of  an ancient Red Shuttleworth chapbook,Western Movie, 
Winside, Nebraska, Winter 1987-1988)

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