Sunday, March 31, 2013

DRY WELLS: A Chapbook

Dry Wells

a four poem chapbook

Red Shuttleworth

Dry Wells is a limited edition (20 copies) Red Shuttleworth chapbook from Bunchgrass Press.

Friday, March 29, 2013

HOMECOMING: A Four-Poem Chapbook


A Limited Edition Chapbook

Red Shuttleworth

Homecoming, by Red Shuttleworth, presents four poems from September 2011.  The chapbook is in a limited edition.

Red Shuttleworth
& Wolfie Shuttleworth

Thursday, March 28, 2013

TO BE CERTAIN: A Four-Poem Chapbook

To Be Certain


Red Shuttleworth

a limited edition (20 copies) chapbook
from Bunchgrass Press

To Be Certain presents four Red Shuttleworth poems from October of 2011... revisited and revised.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Contemporary Disappearing Acts

a limited edition chapbook

from Bunchgrass Press


Red Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth
Three Spur Awards for Poetry

Sunday, March 17, 2013

JOHNNY RINGO Wins the 2013 Spur Award for Poetry

Johnny Ringo

a book length poem


Red Shuttleworth

 received the 2013

Spur Award for Best Western Poem


Western Writers of America

Johnny Ringo, by Red Shuttleworth, published by Riverhouse Lit, is available at Amazon as both a paperback and as a Kindle product.

Red Shuttleworth

Three-time Spur Award-winning Poet

Western Settings     2001
Roadside Attractions     2011
Johnny Ringo     2013

Wolfie Shuttleworth
(May 15, 2007 - January 4, 2013)
Wolfie was quintessential to the composition of Johnny Ringo!


Without Television

a four-poem

limited edition chapbook


Red Shuttleworth

With the release of this Bunchgrass Press chapbook, a 2013 Easter suite of Red Shuttleworth poetry chapbooks is complete: Tbilsi and Vladivostok, Turn Your Radio, The Evidence, and Without Television.

Red Shuttleworth
Three-time Spur Award-winning Poet

Thursday, March 14, 2013

THE EVIDENCE: A Three Poem Chapbook

The Evidence

A Three Poem Chapbook

Red Shuttleworth

As the immortal songwriter/singer Hoyt Axton once noted, A lot of people are walkin' round with tombstones in their eyes.  The funny thing is that Axton came up with that perception before Facebook appeared.

To what extent are we alive and to what portion are we just passing time?  Red Shuttleworth offers a (limited edition) chapbook to look at The Evidence.

Red Shuttleworth

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TURN YOUR RADIO: a Four Poem (Ghazals) Chapbook

Turn Your Radio

A Four Poem (Ghazals) Chapbook


Red Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth

Turn Your Radio, by Red Shuttleworth, is a limited edition chapbook from Bunchgrass Press. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013



a two poem chapbook


Red Shuttleworth

Presented on this blog earlier this year under the titles Tbilisi Novel and Vladivostok Novel, these Red Shuttleworth poems are now contained in a limited edition (19 copies) chapbook from Bunchgrass Press.  The chapbook has a couple of interior illustrations... and a significant typo on the cover.

Monday, March 4, 2013

GAZETTEER: A chapbook Anthology of New Writing


 a limited edition
chapbook anthology
of new writing

Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick

Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick received her Masters in Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence College in 2010.  She is the author of a chapbook, Manaquest.  She lives in West Texas.

Nuno Santos

Nuno Santos writes travel essays about America in English and translates British and American plays into Portuguese.  He attended New York University as a film student.  He lives in Cascais, Portugal.

Luke Shuttleworth

Luke Shuttleworth played baseball for a handful of schools: Coppin State University, Canada College, Dawson Community College, and Kansas Wesleyan University.  He was later a graduate student in the MFA Creative Writing Program at the University of Idaho.  His poems have appeared in Concho River Review, Minnetonka Review,  and other journals.

Red Shuttleworth
& Wolfie Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth is the author of three poetry books: Western Settings, Johnny Ringo, and Ghosts and Birthdays.  His poems appear in numerous journals.