Wednesday, September 21, 2022


Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook (META) move to protect Putin and Russia
from too much criticism!

If you say that Russia is "raping" Ukraine, Facebook will suspend parts of your account!

If you write that Russia, with its military mobilization, only wants to "half rape" Ukraine, then Facebook will suspend your account.

Know this:
Mark Zuckerberg
Vladimir Putin and Russia!

Monday, September 19, 2022


As the comeback to boxing
from open heart surgery
 gathers steam and new muscle,
I am drinking Mike Tyson's IM-21 twice day!

No complaints.  A full, complete comeback might be further away than half a year.  Nothing is certain.  At age 78, this is going to be a shifting battle on unmapped territory.

The next Fight Night, Battle of the Bulls 3 in Moses Lake, Washington, is scheduled for early November.  Can you believe that my trainer (and director of Sacred Scars Gym), Isaac Jones, turned me down for an early comeback bout?
Me 'n Isaac Jones... all-time great fight trainer for MMA and Boxing.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Comeback Workout Nights Add Up

What we are doing is not quite roadwork.  Kate does most of the leash handling.  Tara follows Kate's lead and keeps checking my progress.  And I shuffle-walk and regret the ice cream I had earlier in the day.  I wear a pair of RDX inner gloves... in case there is a poplar or fence post I want to jab.  The RDX gloves offer good knuckle protection and are useless for insulating arthritic thumbs.

It is mid-September.  Weeks to go before my post-op exam at the Spokane Heart Institute.  What will they do about the wires holding my ribs and sternum in place?  Do the wires stay in?  Get taken out?  I can imagine taking a punch to the chest and the wires cutting through this or that and lots of bleeding.  Or the wires will be padded by soft tissue and just won't matter once there is healing?

Ambition... to fight into my ninth decade of life... indomitable... each time in the ring a wonderful triumph of rebellion-against-fate.