Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1977 Texas City Stars

1977 Texas City Stars

The Texas City Stars, a professional baseball team in the quickly doomed 1977 Lone Star League, were owned by Van Schley.  An independent minor league team composed of cast-offs from Major League organizations and undrafted college players, the Stars played all but two home games in Texas City's rickety Robinson Stadium (one "home game" was played in Beaumont and another in Galveston).

The Texas City Stars manager was former San Francisco Giant and California Angel "Dirty Al" Gallagher, who, necessarily, occasionally, wrote himself into the line up or pitched.  

Dirty Al Gallagher

Complete Roster of the 1977 Texas City Stars:

1B  James "Nert" Mills
2B  Steve Verban
2B  Jeff Gerwitz
3B  Jim Gattis
3B  Steve Wendtland
3B  Gary Long
SS  Rick Holoubek

OF  Ricky Hill
OF  Rhod "The Stork" Wallace
OF  Gary Thweatt
OF  Rick Seid
OF  Al Gallagher
OF  Steve Greene

C    Gary Rump

P     Mike Brooks
P     Donald Gilbert
P     Jim Halgas
P     John Harness
P     Ricky "Snake" Martin
P     Jeff McKay
P     Jack Neimeyer
P     Arlandis Prince
P     Jim Quinn
P     Phil Roddy
P     Bob  Roth
P     Gary Sarno
P    Anthony Weiler

Manager             "Dirty Al" Gallagher
Coach                  Red Shuttleworth
Pitching Coach    Ron Toenjes

Franchise Owner    Van Schley

Mike Brooks

"DirtyAl" Gallagher

John Harness

Ricky Hill

Rick Holoubek

Rick "Snake" Martin

Jeff McKay

"Nert" Mills

Jim Quinn

Phil Roddy

Bob Roth

Gary Rump

Gary Sarno

Rick Seid

Red Shuttleworth

Gary Thweatt

Steve Verban

Rhod "The Stork" Wallace

Steve Wendtland

Steve Wendtland and Jim Gattis

Jeff McKay, Red Shuttleworth, John Harness

Rhod "The Stork" Wallace, Red Shuttleworth,
and "Dirty Al" Gallagher

1977 Texas City Stars Poster
with Home Game Schedule

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Shrub... a Shelter Tree

A Shrub... a Shelter Tree

If you spill milk on a hardwood floor,
you might see the outline
of honey mesquite in bloom.
If fever has overgrazed your mind....

You are in southern Nevada.
A sign says, Mesquite.
A sign for glasswork,
another for silver jewelry,
another for songbirds,
many signs for tortillas.
You sleep on hot stone.
You are a shrub... a shelter tree.

It is Christmas on the desert.
Someone is ringing a church bell.
You are curled on a hard wood pallet
set against a whitewashed wall.

Hours pass: wooden wheels
creak and grind past your body.
You are chewing aspirin
that is not orange flavored.
Someone has painted the wall
beside you: night-blue...midnight-sky.

Monday, February 24, 2014

WEBER: THE CONTEMPORARY WEST (Spring/Summer 2014) Features Three Ciara Shuttleworth Poems

Weber: The Contemporary West
(Spring/Summer 2014)

features three Ciara Shuttleworth poems:

Night Holds Its Own


Rats in the Dry Creek

Ciara Shuttleworth

Friday, February 21, 2014

FOR HOURS NOW: A Chapbook Poetry Anthology

For Hours Now

a chapbook poetry anthology featuring

Jeffrey C. Alfier

Tom Clark

Morgan Harlow

Dave Kelly

Red Shuttleworth

Larry D. Thomas

For Hours Now is published in a limited (49 copies) edition by Bunchgrass Press.  To acquire a chapbook, correspond with one of the included poets.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SAN PEDRO RIVER REVIEW (Spring 2014) Presents a Ciara Shuttleworth Poem

San Pedro River Review
(Spring 2014)

Presents a Ciara Shuttleworth Poem
(Nebraska, 1985)

Ciara Shuttleworth
(Winside, Nebraska, 1985)

Ciara Shuttleworth

Sunday, February 16, 2014

BORDERLINE: A Red Shuttleworth Chapbook


five poems

Red Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth
Galveston County, Texas, 1976

a five-poem Red Shuttleworth chapbook published by Bunchgrass Press in a limited edition (25 copies) corrals five poems:
Trinket Glare

That Isn't What This Is

There Long?

The Borderline

Best Offer

Red Shuttleworth
(Borrowed Monte Carlo)
Columbia Basin, Washington, 2013

ALASKA QUARTERLY REVIEW (Fall & Winter 2013) Presents a Ciara Shuttleworth Poem

Alaska Quarterly Review

presents a Ciara Shuttleworth poem

The Fall & Winter 2013 issue of Alaska Quarterly Review features a Ciara Shuttleworth poem, "Long Distance."

Ciara Shuttleworth

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Raw Connections

Red Shuttleworth

Raw Connections

Rain on ice and snow and it's all ponding

on the gravel road and in my north pasture.

It's February like a warehouse of old
political campaign placards and buttons...
the lonesome of a pocketknife in the hand
of a meth-ripped night watchman.

Rain on ice and ankle-deep snow
and maybe it won't all freeze
before some coyote breaks leg
lunging for barn cat or shaggy goat.

It's February like canned spaghetti,
cubed hot-dogs, and a Jim Beam thirst.

It's raining hard on TV in a black
and white movie with subtitles
your eyes are too aged to read.

This is February, roads are slick,
and you have a lifetime supply
of crayons: metallic-coppers,
sparklers, and just-plain blue ones.

What you don't have, by right-now,
you sure-as-drizzlin'-shit ain't gettin'.

Monday, February 10, 2014

RAPTURE AND PASSAGE: A Red Shuttleworth Poetry Chapbook

Rapture and Passage

two poems

Red Shuttleworth

Rapture and Passage, a (limited edition) Bunchgrass Press chapbook, presents two Red Shuttleworth poems:



Passage of Philip Seymour Hoffman.