Thursday, March 24, 2016

NIGHT HOLDS ITS OWN, A Ciara Shuttleworth Poetry Chapbook



Ciara Shuttleworth

Ciara Shuttleworth's first poetry chapbook, Night Holds Its Own, has been published by Blue Horse Press... and is available on Amazon.

Pre-publication praise for Ciara Shuttleworth's poetry has come from Judah Adashi (composer, Johns Hopkins University faculty), Kelly Davio (poet and poetry editor of Tahoma Literary Review), Nick Flynn (poet and memoirist, PEN Award-winner, Guggenheim Fellow), and Robert Schenkkan (Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright).

The poems in Ciara Shuttleworth's Night Holds Its Own have enjoyed prior publication in prestigious journals, including Ploughshares, The New Yorker, and The Southern Review.

 Ciara Shuttleworth

Ciara Shuttleworth, in the spring of 2015, was the 51st Writer-in-Residence at Jack Kerouac House in Orlando, Florida.

Ciara Shuttleworth at Kerouac House, Orlando, Florida,
in a a favorite old chair of Jack Kerouac's.

Ciara Shuttleworth is Executive Director of Columbia Basin Allied Arts in Washington State.  She also teaches English part time at Big Bend Community College.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Red Shuttleworth is at work on RUMORS AND BORDERS

Red Shuttleworth's writing table
with the original manuscript for Rumors and Borders

My Rumors and Borders, a suite of plays set in the American West, will be published as a paperback (late 2017) by Kris Wetherholt's Humanitas Media Publishing.

Rumors and Borders collects eight short plays written about a quarter of a century ago and produced later at State University of New York at Fredonia; The Sun Valley Festival of New Western Drama; and at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The line up of plays:
Days of Daring

The Only Waco Delaney

Rooster and Ponytail

More Honky Tonk Scars

Rangeland's Gone

This is Dead Level

Farewell the Catastrophe Works

The Genuine Love of the Kid's Life

Tom Loughlin, Jason Ostrowski, and Melissa K. Miller
in the SUNY-Fredonia production of The Only Waco Delaney
(March 6, 1995)

Converting the plays from a format appropriate for staging the plays to publication format, going from a copy typed on a Hermes 3000 manual typewriter to formatting toward book publication is a slow process.... especially since I keep making small revisions.

Red Shuttleworth
(March 2016)