Monday, January 18, 2016

GATE, A Bunchgrass Press Chapbook Anthology


A Bunchgrass Press Chapbook Anthology
to Begin 2016

The poets of Gate:

Jeffrey C. Alfier

Tobi Alfier

Jonathan Chant

Dave Kelly

Louise Mathias

Rex Rodenbaugh

Red Shuttleworth

Larry D. Thomas

Gate is published in a small (66 copies) edition by Bunchgrass Press.  Copies are only available from participating poets.

Friday, January 1, 2016

CHAPBOOK #134, A Red Shuttleworth Poetry Chapbook

Chapbook #134


Red Shuttleworth

In the last days of December 2015, while searching for an old play in a couple of cardboard boxes, Red Shuttleworth came upon four different poetry chapbook manuscripts containing poems from before 2000... typed on an ancient Hermes 3000 manual typewriter. Trunk manuscripts for posthumous poetry booklets? Red saw that seven of the poems (with revision) could make a suite for a chapbook.

The old manuscripts found in December 2015.

The poems presented in Chapbook #134 are:

Nebraska Picture Album

Dark, Sweaty West

Old Timers

Roadkill on the Tongue

Chain of Circumstance

Christmas Poem

Cafe with Slot Machines

Chapbook #134, by Red Shuttleworth, is published in a limited edition by Bunchgrass Press (January 2016).

Red Shuttleworth with his Irish Wolfhound, Peaches.