Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Chronograph: 42

Summer Chronograph: 42

Two-lane blacktop and power poles heat-warp
toward over-grazed-by-August rattlesnake foothills.
I sing Haggard... manifest myself with a roadside piss...
a mark for coyotes to make executive decisions with.
My lifescape has become all too sagebrush-filmic.

Monday, July 22, 2013

JUST AS LONG AGO: A Poetry Chapbook

Just as Long Ago

an assemblage of poems

Red Shuttleworth

Just as Long Ago, an assemblage of thirteen poems by Red Shuttleworth, a limited edition (31 copies) chapbook from Bunchgrass Press, is available from Red upon written request.

Red Shuttleworth
Three-Time Winner of Western Writers of America's
Spur Award for Poetry:
Johnny Ringo (2013)
Roadside Attractions (2011)
Western Settings (2001)

 Red Shuttleworth's 2013 Spur Award for Poetry
for Johnny Ringo
published by Riverhouse Lit
(Johnny Ringo is available from Amazon
 as both a print book and as a goddamned Kindle product.)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

ABZ: A POETRY MAGAZINE carries new poems by Red Shuttleworth and Ciara Shuttleworth

ABZ: A Poetry Magazine has poems by Red Shuttleworth and his daughter, Ciara Shuttleworth, in the brand new issue.

Edited by John McKernan, ABZ: A Poetry Magazine is available for just eight-dollars (PO Box 2746, Huntington, WV 25727.

Red Shuttleworth
supports ABZ: A Poetry Magazine!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Chronograph: 31

Summer Chronograph: 31

First cutting baled, nothing like a haphazard drive
into town at peach-cream sundown... sixty on gravel,
dust-spray northward, Nashville jelly-heads singing
raw and crazed from a satellite.  It's a high desert,
beer-for-supper, let the center-pivot-whirl party.

Friday, July 5, 2013

BLACK CLOUDS: A Four Poem Chapbook

Black Clouds

a four poem chapbook

Red Shuttleworth

Red Shuttleworth's new chapbook contains four poems: Let Fall Soundless, That's Not Possible?, As Much as Darkness, and Drinking Late... Not Writing (first published by Dry Crik Review).

(Near MacKenzie, British Columbia, the winter of 1974-1975)

Red Shuttleworth

Black Clouds is a limited edition (30 copies) Red Shuttleworth poetry chapbook (Bunchgrass Press) available to those who correspond promptly with Red (while supplies last).