Saturday, November 26, 2022


Snapshots of Writers... a Portfolio contains photographs from fifty years of Shuttleworth family photo albums.  

The photographed writers in this book:

Edward Albee   Will Bagley   Bob Boze Bell   Kay Boyle

JV Brummels   Francisco Cantu   Susan Compo

Jerry L. Crawford   Barbara Brinson Curiel

Christopher "Kit" Danowski   William Dickey   Kirk Ells

Dave Etter   Gary Gildner   Jim Harrison   Larry Holland

James Lee Hubert   Julie Jensen  Donald Justice

Dave Kelly   Kevin Kling   William Kloefkorn   Amy Koch

Ted Kooser   Herbert Lindenberger   Andrienne Marcus

Frances Mayes   Max McCoy  Barry McKinnon

Lynn Nottage   Kirk Robertson  Norman H. Russell

Vern Rutsala   Peter Sagal   Robert Schenkkan

Richard Selzer   Ciara Shuttleworth

Octavio Solis   Daniel Voll   Richard S. Wheeler

Miller Williams   Al Young  Paul Zarzyski  Paul Zimmer

Red Shuttleworth

The writers in this photo portfolio are representative of some very good, and even great,writing in the second half of the 20th American Century.

Thursday, November 24, 2022


Two Dozen Red Shuttleworth Paintings presents the best folk art that Red has enjoyed making in spurts, on weekends, on evenings when it felt right to spread art supplies across the old kitchen table.

As well as dives into Abstract Expressionism, Red has made a number of Absurd portraits.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

 Americana West: A Century of Short Plays and Monologues is an epic theatre project... containing 100 pieces set in seventeen states. 

This book edition of Americana West is a sampler... enough works for a night of theatre.  

The pieces in this collection and their order were curated by Kirk Ellis, who directed an Americana West monologues night in Old Tucson in the summer of 2019 for the WWA Players.  Kirk and I hoped to mount the entire Americana West cycle and this selection was to have received (minimally) a staged reading at a Santa Fe theatre, but... I let the artistic director of that theatre know, in a rather public fashion, that he is a "shit-heel."  So the shit-heel, naturally, dropped the project.  Nonetheless... Kirk put this night of theatre in order and I hope that some good theatre works with it... sooner than later.


The Chair is a short play that was too long for inclusion in the Americana West project.  It is a mother/daughter conflict born of the father's suicide and pressures of reservation life.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

In Novella, a man is spoken to by some of his father's cremains... from within a hardwood urn.

The novella originates as an Italian fiction form... the fiction of truth. In our time, we call it a novella if a piece of fiction is too long to be a short story and too short to be a novel.

Novella is available for purchase on Amazon.

Monday, November 21, 2022


Heart 'n Saddle Saloon (Texts for the Theatre), by Red Shuttleworth is an assemblage of fragments, monologue poems, scenes that some theatre might with to work on.

The title piece is a fragment from a verse play, Heart 'n Saddle Saloon that was produced by University of Nevada, Las Vegas to tour to Fallon, Nevada, for the Churchill Arts Council.  This production was directed brilliantly by Michael Lugering.

Heart 'n Saddle Saloon was one of the two plays presented in Fallon in 1992.  The other free verse play was They Dream Ghost Riders... a refreshed version that was first directed by Cathy Hurst at UNLV in 1989.

The late Toni Loppnow was with the project from the first UNLV production of They Dream Ghost Riders.  Intense, innovative, dedicated, and of great talent, Toni Loppnow acted in numerous plays in Los Angeles after taking a degree from UNLV.  

Sunday, November 20, 2022

 Hawk Season Notebook is the only writer's journal that Red Shuttleworth has worked through on a computer,

If you are curious as to what helps Red to build poems and plays... this book can be ordered on Amazon.

Friday, November 18, 2022

 George Lovel Manley

George Lovel Manley

November 19, 1922

(Union City, Tennessee)


August 29, 2004

(Columbus, Georgia)

George Lovel Manley's ashes were spread in his beloved Snowy Mountains of Wyoming.  He has a gravestone in Columbus, Georgia, but....

Agronomist by profession, he served in the Navy during World War II and in the Army during the Korean War.

After World War II, he played one season of football at the University of Tennessee - Martin.

He was a summer park ranger... here and there.