Monday, August 13, 2012

Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg + Greed = SPAM

Black Hole of Greed
The Limited Imagination of Mark Zuckerberg
(A Red Shuttleworth oil painting)

Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg + Greed = SPAM

Desperate to maintain corporate viability with investors and shareholders, vacant of any idea or tactic beyond selling ads, Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) has resorted to a dizzying barrage of pop-up ads, particularly for games (the turf of morons) on users' profile and news feed pages.

Zuckerberg, a master of pedophile tactics, believes that users will not leave Facebook over advertising irritations and privacy invasion.  Zuckerberg puts users in mind of the sort of guy who shows up uninvited to social events, who paws (greasy, sweaty palms) through family albums... who wipes his boogers across the family pictures of others... who then scoots to a nearby bathroom to masturbate.  This is the sort of guy Mark Zuckerberg is.

What to do?  Let Facebook advertisers know that you think Mark Zuckerberg is a creepy, stinky, voyeur-pig who is stealing their money.

Get in touch with the Federal Communications Commission and complain.  Facebook is a communications company. Would you tolerate ads during your telephone conversations?  

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