Monday, January 19, 2015

1990 Sundance Playwrights Lab

Kevin Kling, Steven Dietz, and Susan Barnes
(Sundance Playwrights Lab 1990)

Sundance Playwrights Lab 1990

an incomplete photo album

The participants (playwrights, directors, actors, dramaturgs, stage managers, resource artists, and administrative staff) at Sundance Playwrights Lab 1990 were: 

Eden Alair

Lisa Peterson and Doris Baizley

Basil Wallace and Susan Barnes

Bradley Bernstein, Didi Conn, and David Shire

Tony Campisi and Walter Bobbie

Alyssa McGuinness and Mark Chambers

Oskar Eustis and Joyce Cohen

Kerry Davis

Russell Davis

Stacy Edwards and Doug Hutchison

Mary Gail and Lillian Garrett

David Kranes and Bill Harley

Michael Higgins

Gregory Itzin

Daniel Jenkins

Red Shuttleworth and Kevin Kling

Delroy Lindo and Nashormeh Wilkie

Susan Mendelson

Dana Mills

Delroy Lindo, Red Shuttleworth, and Ernest Perry

Ethan Phillips

Robert Schenkkan and Red Shuttleworth

Seret Scott and Red Shuttleworth

Richard Selzer

Phyllis Somerville

Donna Tsufura

Daniel Voll

Erin Wilson

... and Len Berkman, Joey Borgenicht, David Kirk Chambers, John Cooper, Donell Corelle, Mia Dillon, Ray Fry, Rick Gould, Ellen Graham, Marina Harris, Geralyn Horton, Patrick Husted, Tony Kushner, Jeremy Lawrence, Leslie Lee, Georgette Leventis, Claudette Lynch, Conal O'Brien, Jerry Patch, Ernest Perrry, Richard Rice, Ona Siporin, JessicaTeich, Maureen O'Hara Ure, Russell Vandenbroucke,George Wallace,  and Jack Eric Williams.

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